Printing Labels for Inventoried Products

This feature allows you to print product labels with names, barcodes, price, etc. Here's how to do it:

  1. Before you proceed, we assume that you already set up your inventoried products. If not, click here to learn more about Inventory setup.

  2. First, go to Inventory Management > Setup & Configure > Label Template. Click on the +Template Label button to create a template for the inventory label. A pop-up window will appear for the settings of your template.

  3. On that window, type in a Name for your template, and select which printer type this template is for under Template Type.

  4. Next, choose which placeholders you want to include in the template and add any hard coded text.

  5. Similar to a ticket template, you can format the position of these data placeholders according to the code being used by your printer in the Template section. Each printer type has its own language. You may need help from Aluvii support for complex templates. Once the template is complete, click on the Print Test button to do a test print. Once done, click on the Save Template button.

  6. Now, go back to the Inventory tab and search for the product you want the label to be printed. Click on the Action button and click on Print Labels to proceed.

  7. Finally, choose the Label Template you just created, then the Printer you are going to use to print, and set the Quantity to Print. You can click the Print 1 Label button to print one label, or you can click on Print to print all according to the quantity you set.Printing_Labels_for_Inventoried_Products_06.png
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