Booking Through Event Portal

To book an event the customer will navigate to the venue portal at  The URL prefix is usually related to your company name. 

 1.  The customer will choose a category from the drop down.  There may be one category or there may be more depending on how many events your company would like to add. 


2.  The customer will then choose a date, time and location of the event they want to attend.  The time slot will say "reserved" if the time slot is already reserved and therefore unavailable. 


3.  Next, the customer will fill in how many people will be attending the event in their group. 

4.  Step 4 is where customer can select any additional products they want to add to their event, whether it be a birthday cake, extra chairs for a cabana or any other additional products the company wants to offer the customer.  Step 4 is also where the customer will sign the waiver if there is a waiver for that particular event.



5.  When the customer moves on to step 5 they will be given the option to sign in with an account or to create a new account and sign out as a guest.  If they choose to create a new account and sign out as a guest, the guest information will show up as a new customer account in the membership management section of Aluvii.  


6.  In step 6 and 7 the customer will check out by entering credit card information or they have the option to make a down payment and the rest will be collected at the time of the event. 

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