Managing Guest Portal Login Credentials

Certainly there are times when a user or employee needs to change login credentials for guest portal access. For authentication and security, a user needs an account email and a password to login. Both can be changed. To do this, there are two methods: From inside the guest portal or from the manage memberships activity. 

From Inside the Guest Portal

1. To change the account email address, select My Account from the user drop down. From there, locate the "Email Address" field. Change this to the new email address, and click Save Account Details at the bottom of the screen. 

2. To change the account password, select Change Password from the user drop down. From there, follow the instructions on the screen to change the password, and click Update Password.



From the Manage Memberships Activity

1. To change the account email address, search for the account in the manage memberships activity. Once you find the account you're looking for, expand the account and click the Edit Account button. From there you can change the Primary Email field to the new password. Click Save Changes. Once the email has been changed and saved, this will be the new email used to login to the guest portal for this account. Note: the email address used to login is the email address for the account and NOT for any guest; although many times the emails are the same, they can be different. 


2. To change the account password, click the Reset Password button from the account. You have two options for resetting an account. Sending a reset link will send an email to the account email address with instructions to reset the password. Manually setting the password allows the employee to set the password. Either method will change the guest portal password. 


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