Release 1.17.1

New Layout

The release of 1.17.1 ushers in a new look for Aluvii Employee Portal.  As you can see from the image below, we have implemented a standardized layout format for all users of the Employee Portal.  This format will mimic the Desktop Application currently in development.  This will ensure that when you train your employees, that you will only need to do it once to cover both the web and desktop versions.


(New Login Screen)



(New Layout)


Globalization and Localization

 In addition to the new layouts, Aluvii has released version 1 of our globalization and localization options.  You will now have both English and French language options for your users and customers on all portals.  You can set these default options in the Employee Portal -> Administration Activity -> Configuration tab.  As new languages and cultures are supported, you will get them instantly with  the new code release.  


(Language Selector Example for Employee Portal Login)


(Administration Activity Default Selectors)



(Employee Portal Header Language Selector)


New Help and Bug Reporting Options

Also found in this release is a direct link to the Aluvii Support Site.  You can access this by clicking on the "?" button in the header of the Employee Portal.  You will be able to submit a new idea, report a bug, or directly jump to the Aluvii Support Site.


(New Support Options in the Employee Portal)


Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes have also been pushed:

  1. Clear All Filters button doesn’t work on registers return page
  2. Pending Transactions indicator now showing correct number
  3. Cancel pending transaction payment now more robust
  4. Timezone on reports now showing correctly
  5. Updated functionality for credit card processors
  6. Transaction reports now use the same query in all cases for data consistency
  7. Merge and Splitting of accounts now more robust
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