Adding Hardware to Tills

One of the three methods of assigning hardware is by employee till. (Other methods include by register and by IP address. Assigning hardware by till takes highest precedence over any other hardware assignment method.)

Assigning hardware by till means that any hardware assigned to an employee's till will be controlled by that user. For example, if employee John Doe is assigned a till and that till is assigned a receipt printer from computer 1, when John Doe logs in to any computer and prints a receipt, the receipt will print from computer 1. Note that using this method, the employee can control hardware even when the employee is not physically at the computer with the hardware.

To assign hardware to a till, the hardware must already be configured prior to making the assignment. Click here for more information about hardware setup and configuration. Follow the steps below to assign hardware to a till:

1. Open the create or manage till screen in Cash Control.


2. Select a Client Gateway from the dropdown. The client gateway is named during the configuration process and should match the name of the computer. 


3. Once a client gateway is selected, you can click the "Add Device" button. Now you will be able to see all devices attached to that computer for assignment. Add as many devices as needed by clicking the Add Device button once per device being assigned. Note that you can assign hardware from multiple computers/client gateways. To do this, just assign a device, change the client gateway from the dropdown, and add another device.


4. Click Save. The hardware has been assigned to the till and ready for use.

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