Managing Accounts

To manage an account from the Ecommerce portal, you must first login. After logging in, click on the guest name in the upper right-hand corner and a drop down with several options will display. Each option in the drop down is explained in this article. 


  • My Account - From here, customers can update any account information and save the changes. 


  • Manage Members - The customer can manage information for each member on the account. To change the guest, select from the drop down. New members can also be added to the account from here. In addition, images can be updated by clicking the webcam or upload icon on the image for the guest. 


  • Transactions and Receipts - This page displays a list of all transactions and receipts for the account. Transactions are included from the ecommerce portal, member portal, and registers (if the account was applied to the transactions). To view the receipt, click the View Receipt button next to the transaction.


  • Change Password - Customers can use this screen to change their password to login to their account. This password is the same for ecommerce and the member portal. 




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