POS X Evo HiSpeed USB Thermal Printer Setup

Install the Printer Drivers

Download and Install the drivers in the following order

Connection Steps:

Configure the Receipt Printer

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\OPOS\StdOPOS2.83  and launch SetupPOS.exe

This application is the configuration tool, installed in the second driver, which configures your receipt printer as an OPOS printer. 


Click on the POSPrinter header, then click the Add New Device button.

The following screen will appear.  Set the device name to Thermal.   Set the device type to ThermalU for USB connections and to ThermalS for serial port sonnections.

Your printer configuration will appear under the POSPrinter header along with any other previously configured printers.

Verification Steps:

Test the Receipt Printer

Select the printer you wish to test (ThermalU) and click the Device Details button to show the following screen.

Click on the button labeled “Printer Test and Setting” to show the following screen.

Click the Printer Test button to send a test print to your receipt printer.

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