General Hardware Troubleshooting

3 Simple Steps for trouble shooting



1. Make sure everything is plugged in. As simple as it sounds, a lot of times, hardware cords can accidentally be pulled out, or occasionally your computer will have a broken USB port. The only way to make sure its being connected, is to check if the device is in the control panel on the computer.


2. Make sure the Aluvii Gateway service is running. The service is what communicates with the hardware and Aluvii, so no service, no hardware. To make sure its running head to the task manager (ctrl+alt+del) and navigate to the services tab, you can filter the service names alphabetically, to view the "Aluvii PG" service. Make sure this is running by right clicking and hitting run. 

3. Starting fresh can "wake-up" hardware. Try closing your web browser, and restarting the gateway service mentioned above. Then once you log back into Aluvii, go ahead and run some diagnostic tests to see if your hardware is back up.

If none of the above worked, there may be something else causing your hardware to fail, please reach out to support if that is the case.

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