Performing Physical Counts

Although Aluvii will track inventory stock in real time, it's inevitable that actual counts will differ from what is shown in Aluvii. This is caused by spoilage, shrinkage, and other reasons. performing physical hand counts periodically is recommended in order to maintain accurate records.

To learn how to perform physical counts, follow these steps: 

1. Go to the Inventory Management activity in the sidebar menu. If you don't see it, remember that you may need to be granted permissions from HR.

2. Click on the Inventory tab along the top. Search for the product you want to count and filter the results by site. When you have found the right product at the right site, click on the Action dropdown, and select Physical Count. 

3. The Physical Count window will open up. Physically count the products by hand and enter the counted value into the field called Number of Units (On Hand). If there is a difference between what was counted and what Aluvii has recorded, it will show the difference. To account for the difference, select the Cause of Discrepancy from the dropdown. When complete, click Save Count. 

4. Units on hand for that product will be updated to the new quantity. To see a history of physical counts for a product, click the Physical Counts History.

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