Receiving Inventory Transfers

Inventory products can be transferred from inventory site A to Inventory Site B. Inventory can also be received at point B. Both methods will update the units on hand the same, so only one method is needed. In other words, units are either sent form a site using a transfer, or received using the receiving method. To learn how to receive inventory from another site, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Inventory Management activity in the sidebar menu. If you don't see it, remember that you may need to be granted permissions from HR.

2. Click on the Inventory tab along the top. Search for the product you want to receive and find the site where the inventory is being received. Click on the Action dropdown, and select Receive Inventory Transfer. 

3. A window will open to receive the inventory. To do this, enter the units received and click Receive.

4. The units on hand at the receiving site as well as the transferring site will both be updated. To see a history of all inventory received by transfer, click Receive Transfers in the Histories area.


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