Transferring Inventory Between Sites

Inventory products can be transferred from one inventory site to another within Aluvii. To learn how to transfer inventory between sites, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Inventory Management activity in the sidebar menu. If you don't see it, remember that you may need to be granted permissions from HR.

2. Click on the Inventory tab along the top. Search for the product you want to transfer and find the site where the inventory needs to be transferred from. Click on the Action dropdown, and select Transfer Inventory. 

3. The Transfer Inventory window will open up. Select the Destination Site (where the inventory is to be transferred to.) Enter the quantity of units to be transferred. You'll see a summary of the units at each site after the transfer. Click the Transfer button to complete. 

4. Units have now been transferred from one site to the other. To see a history of inventory transfers for a product, click the Inventory Transfers History.


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