Aluvii Application Overview

Aluvii is a full service POS software system for amusement & leisure and includes everything needed to run an efficient business. Because Aluvii is cloud-based, it’s easy to setup and use, accessible on any device, and is very affordable. Core modules include ticketing, point-of-sale, membership management, ecommerce, event scheduling, inventory management, HR & timekeeping, sales & marketing, and much more.

This article explains some basics about the Aluvii application.  Google Chrome is the only fully supported web browser for the employee portal.  The customer-facing portals support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.  If you are using hardware devices on your point of sale such as a reciept printer, cash drawer, or any other ticket printer, the only supported computer is a Windows based operating system.  Please make sure all computers are operating on Windows if you want to use these devices.  See this article on supported hardware.  See these articles on known unsupported software and unsupported hardware

The Aluvii portals can be accessed by navigating to [subdomain][portal] in a web browser. the [portal] placeholder depends on which of Aluvii's portals you're trying to access (see below).  The subdomain is also known as the tenant name or instance name.  Your subdomain is chosen when you kick off implementation.  Typically, it is the name of your business with no spaces.   

Aluvii Portals

A portal is a separate URL that you navigate to in order to access major modules of Aluvii.  Aluvii currently has the following portals:

Employee Portal - [subdomain] - The employee portal is the portal that your employees will use primarily on a day-to-day basis.  It has the different Aluvii activities (aka modules) such as employee registers, member management, ticketing, etc.

Member Portal - [subdomain] - the member portal is a customer-facing portal used by your registered customers (aka guests) to manage their account.  Read more about the Guest Portal.

Event Portal - [subdomain] - the event portal is a customer-facing portal used by your customers to book events/birthday parties online.  Read more about the Event Portal.

Store Portal - [subdomain] - the store portal is a customer-facing portal used by your customers to purchase products online including tickets, sessions, retail, and memberships. This is often referred to as "eCommerce" module. 

Rental Portal - [subdomain] - the rental portal is customer-facing portal used by your customers to rent equipment (such as snow skis and boots).

Kiosk Portal - [subdomain][register ID]] - the kiosk portal is a self-service kiosk module used by your customers to purchase products at a self-service kiosk. Includes support for products, tickets, sessions, food items with kitchen support, and waivers. This portal is a premium module and can be enabled for an affordable monthly rate. 

Logging into Aluvii

Log into Aluvii by navigating to [subdomain][portal].  If you are new to Aluvii, your admin super user will be setup by your implementation specialist.  Additional users will be setup by the admin super user or other designated admin at your company.  The usernames are in email address format.  If you have a user already, but forgot your password, you can use the forgot password prompt on the login screen to reset your password.


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