Session Details

Displays the details of each session inside the date range.



Start Date - Start date of the sessions in range.

End Date - Ending date of the sessions in range.

Start Hour - start hour of sessions in range.

Start Minute - start minute of sessions in range.

Start Second - start second of sessions in range.

End Hour - end hour of sales in range.

End Minute - end minute of sales in range.

End Second - end second of sales in range.

Expand Groupings - by default expand all drill through to show all.

Group by - determines how the report will be grouped into.

Columns to show - hide/show columns of the report.

Site Name - site where the session happened.


Report Items

Site Name - Site where the session happened.

Start Date - starting date of the session.

Start Time / Day Count - number of sessions within that day.

Guest Name - Name of the guest registered in the session.

Email - Email of the guest.

Phone - Phone number of the guest.

Transaction ID - Transaction ID of the session.

Order ID - Order ID of the session.

Total Qty - Quantity used in the session.

Net Sales - Sales generated on the session.



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