Memberships on Payplan

Memberships from guest that are on PayPlan.


Start Date - Start date of the range.

End Date - End date of the range.

Date to filter - Filter by :

  • Date of purchase
  • Membership Start Date
  • Membership Expiration Date
  • Payment Schedule Date
  • Payment Cancellation Date

Payplan to filter - All / Active / Cancelled.

Membership Package - what type of membership package.

Attempts to filter - All / Failed / Successful attempts.

Report Items

Membership Account Name - the account name.

Membership Package - membership package name.

ID - Membership package ID.

Payplan Cancellation Date - cancellation date (if cancelled).

Payment Schedule Date - scheduled payment.

Schedule Cancellation Date - cancellation date based on schedule.

Failed Attempts - number of failed attempts. Usually if the transaction is credit card and counting the number of times to credit the payment.

Error Message - error message encountered during failed attempt.

Transaction ID - transaction id of the order.

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