Comparison Report

Report that displays comparison based on the interval.


Date Comparison Interval - Yearly / Monthly / Weekly.

Start Date - start date of comparison range.

End Date - end date of comparison range.

Start Hour / Start Minute / Start Second - start of comparison range.

End Hour / End Minute / End Second - end of comparison range.

Show Sessions on Deferred Basis - by default, session revenue is recognized when the payment is received.  Optionally, you can report session revenue on an accrual basis.

Location - filter the report values by location.

Interval Last date - interval ending date.

Include Offset Date - offset dates exclude / include.


Report Items

Date Range Description - displays the interval and what is the start and end range.

Transaction Count - number of transactions in the comparison range.

Item Count - Total quantity ordered in the comparison range.

Amount - Total amount in the comparison range.

Discount - Total Discount Amount in the comparison range.

Refunds - Total refunded amount in the comparison range.

Net Sales - Amounts - Discount in the comparison range.

Sales Tax - Total tax amount in the comparison range.


Sample Report

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