Adding a New Account

This article explains the steps to add a new account.  An account name can be the family name such as Sally Smith Family.  After adding a new account, guests can be added and memberships and other products can be sold.

1. After selecting Manage Memberships, select Create a New Account in the Account Options Menu.

2. Fill in the information about the account. The green labeled fields are required. Note:  After the zip code is entered, the city, state, and country will auto populate.  If more than 1 city has that zip code, a drop down list of choices will appear.

3. After selecting the correct city and filling in the required information, select Next.

4. Fill in the information for the Account Owner. The Account Owner is the responsible party for the account  and is usually the head of the household or someone authorized to make purchases for the account.  If the guest does not plan on having any other guests on their account, then that guest is the account owner. Most of the information auto populates from the Account Info.  Fill in the First Name, Last Name, birthdate, and upload or take a photo.  Also, change any information that differs from the Account Info.

5. If a webcam is connected to your computer, you can click on the camera icon to take a picture (proceed to step 8). If you want to upload a picture, first select upload. 

6. To upload a photo, drag it over the box or click on the box and then open up the file.

7. There are several options on the left that you can use to edit the picture.  The picture will be resized to a square and may look distorted if you don't resize it first. After you are satisfied with your edits, select Save at the top left hand corner. Then select submit.

8. You're done creating the account and first guest.  Select Close.


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