Membership Packages Overview

What are memberships and add-ons? Really, they are the same thing, except sometimes a product can be easier described as a membership and sometimes easier described as an add-on. Some examples of a membership might be season pass, family pass, buddy pass, monthly membership, etc. And some examples of an add-on might be season parking pass, tube rental pass, locker rentals, etc.

How does Aluvii handle memberships and add-ons? Well, there are two different ways this can be done.

  1. The first way is to require the user to assign the membership or add-on to a specific guest. This way, only that specified guest can use the named membership or add-on using his or her unique barcode.  The membership can grant that guest specific benefits like admission, discounts, and attraction access. 
  2. The second way is to assign the membership to the account allowing any guest on the account to use that membership or add-on using their own unique barcode. For example, if a parking pass is set up as an account membership, any guest on that account can use the parking pass once per day.  Once the parking pass is used or the pass is scanned for the parking account membership, the parking pass cannot be used again by any other guest on that account for that day.

Membership Packages - Membership or add-on packages consist of entrance and discount entitlements.


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