Membership Account and Guest Relationships

Membership Accounts

Membership Accounts are groupings of guests.  Usually these accounts represent a family, organization, or business.  Within Aluvii, there are many places where activities can be performed, or benefits provided for your Membership Accounts.

These accounts can be created with the Membership Portal for your customers, or within the Employee Portal by your employees.  Multiple accounts can be merged together by your employees via the Employee Portal.  Additionally, these Membership Accounts can split in the Employee Portal by your employees if there is a need, such as a divorce, company reorganization, or any other reason.


Guests represent an individual customer.  These guests can have memberships, identification cards, transactions, ownership of events, or many other logical activities recorded against them within the Aluvii Software Suite.  

A guest can belong to only 1 Membership account.  A graphical representation of the Membership Account to Guest relationship is shown in the graphic below.

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