Add/Edit Guests to an Account

After an account and account owner are created, you can add guests to the account.  You can also add guests to an account at a later time.  The process for editing guest information is similar as adding new guests.

1.  To add or edit a guest, search for the account in the Manage Memberships section. You can use the global search bar or column filters to narrow your search.


 After locating the account, there are two ways to add a guest to an account.

2a. Check the box next to the account and select Add Guest to Account.


2b. Click on the bar next to the account.  Information for the account owner and any other guests on the account will expand.  Select Add Guest.

3. Select Load Data From Account Owner to fill in all required information from the account owner except first name, Birth Date, and picture.

4. To upload a photo, drag it over the box or click on the box and then open up the file.

5. There are several options on the left that you can use to edit the picture.  The picture will be resized to a square and may look distorted if you don't resize it first. After you are satisfied with your edits, select Save at the top left hand corner. Then select submit.

Repeat steps for additional guests.

How to Edit a Guest

Select More Details to expand the guest information.

Select Edit to edit guest information.

Select the pencil to edit the picture and the camera to take a new picture.


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