When the guest is created, a new barcode for that guest is created. The barcode is unique to that guest. Barcodes are not created when a membership is sold. Each guest can have multiple barcodes.  When guests are merged together, that guest will now have two barcodes.

Printing Barcodes

1.  After looking up an account in the Manage Memberships section, click on Barcodes.



2.  Click the printer icon next to the barcode you want to print.


3. If the computer is set up to a card printer, a membership ID card will print after you click on the print icon.  If the computer is not set up to a card printer, the membership ID card will open into a Windows Photo Viewer.  You can then print from that window or save the image.


Disabling Barcodes

You can disable a guest's barcode if you want to restrict the barcode from being used for admission or other membership benefits.  You may want to do this for a lost or stolen pass or if you want to ban a guest from the park.

1. Click on the red icon to the left of the barcode you want to deactivate. 


2. Select Yes to deactivate this record.


3. The barcode will then have a slash at the top of it showing that it is disabled.  To enable the barcode, simply click on the red check mark to enable the barcode.


Creating Barcodes

Guests can have more than 1 barcode but having more than 1 barcode will not increase their membership benefits.  For example, if a guest with 2 barcodes has a membership pass that entitles them to 1 admission scan per day, one of their barcodes can be scanned once per day for admission. After two guests have been merged, that guest will have two barcodes.  You may want to add a barcode for a guest.  An example of when you may want to add a barcode is if you want to add an employee badge to a guest account. 

1. Click on Add New Barcode.


2. Select the guest from the drop down menu.  Check Auto Generate a Barcode or scan/type in the barcode number and click Save.




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