Renewing memberships or account perks is easy.  There are two benefits to renewing a membership instead of selling a new membership:

  • Renewals can have a discounted price or different price associated with them.
  • The start date of renewals default to the date when the current membership ends and not the date sold. 

1. After looking up the account in Manage Memberships, select Renewals.


2. The memberships and account perks eligible for renewal will be shown on this tab.  Select the memberships that you want to renew by clicking in the box to the left of the memberships.  Select Send to Checkout.


3. After finalizing the renewals in the cart, click Payment.  You can comp renewals in this step or delete any renewals.


4. Complete the payment process for memberships as described here. When you return to Account Info, the membership renewal will be displayed by the guest. 




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