Payment Process


The payment process for any transaction is very simple.

1. After selecting items to add to the cart, you can change the quantity by clicking the plus or minus icon next to the product or delete items by clicking on the green X or clear cart button. 


2. You can tie the transaction to a guest by clicking on the guest icon at the bottom of the register.  Then either scan the guest pass or search for Guest by name, and search. Click on the guest. It is not required to tie a transaction to a guest but then you can search for the transaction by guest to either reprint the receipt or refund the products on the transaction. Another benefit to tying the transaction to a guest is that if the guest has membership perks, applicable discounts will be applied to transaction. It will also track purchases on the guest account history. 

After adding a guest or not adding a guest, click on Payment.


This is what a the shopping cart looks like after a membership discount is applied.


2a. OR, you can type in a Guest Call name.  This is not a required field but will show up on the kitchen screen and receipt so it may be helpful for food orders.


3. Applying Discounts

3a. If the guest has any discount codes, click on Discount on the Payment screen.

3b. Then type the Discount Code into the box and click on Apply.


3c. Note the discount shows in the Applied Discount line.  To learn more about discounts, click here to read the Discounts article. The total discount shows the membership discount account perk plus the applied discount from the discount code.

4. After applying discounts, select the payment type.  There are a few different types of tender:  Cash, Credit, Gift Card, Split Payments or custom tender types. 

Payment - Cash

  • Click Cash on the Payment screen.
  • Type in the Cash Received or click on the number pad. Note: The change needed is displayed.
  • Click on Submit.


Payment - Credit

  • Click Credit-sale on the Payment screen.
  • Type in the card number, expiration date, cvv, and zip OR scan the card. (This process might vary depending on the credit processor integration.)
  • Click Process Payment.


Payment - Gift Card

  • Click Gift Card on the Payment screen.
  • Scan the Gift card or type in the barcode.
  • Click on Get Balance or hit Enter to see the balance on the Gift Card.
  • Click on Pay with Gift Card.


Payment - Custom Tender

  • To use a different form of tender like stored value or other tenders setup in administration, click the More tab and select the tender from the dropdown.


Payment - Split Payments

 Click here to read about Split Payments.

 5. After payment type has been selected and processed, click Complete Payment. You can also cancel the payment at this stage in the process.


6. Select if you want no receipt, the receipt emailed, or printed. The receipt will be emailed to the guest associated with the transaction or you will be prompted to enter an email address at this time. The transaction is now complete!


Payment for Memberships

The payment process for memberships and account perks is very similar to the payment process for food products and other products. 

1. The shopping cart looks different than it does for non-membership transactions. At this stage, you can still delete the membership or comp the memberships.  After you are done making any changes, click Payment


2. The guest will be associated with any transaction with membership products. Follow steps 3-6 above.




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