Membership Returns

1. To return memberships or add ons, select Returns in the Guest Management section.  All membership transactions appear in the Returns table so there is no need to look up the account before selecting the Returns tab.  You can filter by any of the columns such as customer name or transaction ID. Once you locate the transaction, click Return.  This is also where you would reprint a receipt.  If you want to do this, select Receipt.


2. Enter the Qty to Return by each membership that you want to refund.  Note: After 48 hours, you can refund part of the transaction but within 48 hours, you must refund the full transaction. Then click on the bar next to the payment to highlight the payment. (The reason that you need to select the payment(s) is because there may be more than one payment type.) Then click Refund.


3. Click Submit. Do not type anything in the cash received box since you are not taking cash from the guest. 


4. After the transaction has been refunded, the Qty Refunded will show the number refunded and the total value to be returned will be $0 if the full transaction was refunded.



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