Creating/Managing Tills

The cash bag or cash drawer that is provided to the cashier at the beginning of the day that contains cash and coin in various denominations for change is entered into Aluvii as a till.  In Aluvii, tills are digital. Employees need to be assigned a till to run transactions on a register.  If no till is associated and a transaction is attempted Aluvii will return the error message "cannot proceed to cash as no till is associated".  If this occurs, follow the steps below to create a till.

Creating Tills

1. To create tills, select Create Till in the Open Till Functions dropdown in the Cash Control activity.


2. Fill in the:

  • Till Type
  • Location
  • Department
  • Site
  • Employee Assigned (Only select an employee in this step if you want to create just 1 till.  If you want to create multiple tills at once, you will select the employee in a later step.)
  • Client Gateway - click here to learn more about the Client Gateway.
  • Initial Value  - This is the beginning balance of the till.
  • Check Cashless Till if you just want the employee to be able to run transactions without cash.  It is often helpful for managers and supervisors to jump on a register when the line gets long but then not have to worry about checking out a till with money.
  • Check Create Multiple Tills if you want to create multiple tills and assign the employee later.  This is a helpful feature for large operations.

Select Save & Create Till.


Managing Tills

1. After created, the till will then display in the Open Tills table.  To assign an employee or to make any changes to a till, you can select the till two ways.

  • Double click on the till in the table and then the box to create the till will pop up. 
  • Click on the till in the table and select Manage Till from the Select Option drop down.


2. To assign an employee, select the Employee Assigned.


3. You can edit any of this information after creating a till. 

  • Current Till Value - When a drop is done and cash is removed from the till, the employee performing the drop should edit the Current Till Value. For example, if you remove $300 from the till, then type in a value that is $300 less into the current till value.
  • Till Status - Tills cannot be used when the status is hold or pending count.

                - Hold - A till on hold is essentially on pause and cannot be used until the status is changed to  open.  Cash Control employees may want to put tills on hold when cashiers are on break so that other employees cannot use their till.

                - Pending Count - When the till is no longer going to be used but waiting to be counted, change the status to Pending Count.  This will release the employee's name and allow the employee to be assigned to another till.  A till cannot change from pending count to open and must be closed once pending count has been selected.

After you are finished editing the till, select Save & Update Till.


Changing the start value of a till

Once a till has been created the start value cannot be changed. Upon encountering the instance wherein the starting value of a till needs to be modified there are two simple steps that can be taken to correct it.

First, this method works for instances wherein no transactions have been run on the till. Simply delete the till with the incorrect starting value and create a new till with the correct starting value.

Second, this method works for instances wherein transactions have already been processed on the till, and the start value was incorrect and needs to be modified. The current value may be edited to compensate for the current value by going to to Cash Control then double click to edit till and change the amount.

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