Creating Discounts

Discounts are a specific type of marketing promotion in which you invite guests to save money on specific products, product groups, or categories of products.  There are three main steps to creating a discount:

1. Create the Discount Rule(s)

2. Create the Discount Package

3. Manage Discount Codes

Creating Discount Rules

1. Go to Register Management. On the Discounts Tab, select Discount Rules and then Add Rule.


2. Fill in the following information for discount rules and then select Save.

  • Discount Rule Name
  • Discount Product Type - Product, ProductGroup, Category, Event Assignment, or Membership (Click here to read about membership discounts.)
  • Discount Type - In Dollar or In Percentage
  • Discount - Fill in the percentage or dollar off amount
  • Select Discount Item - Select from a list of categories, products, product groups or membership discounts.  The list will populate based on the option selected as the Discount Product Type.  NOTE:  The "Select Discount Item" field is a multi-select field which means you can select more than one product or category when creating discount rules.
  • Max Uses - Usually, it works better to leave this at 0 and modify the max uses in the Discount Package.
  • External Description
  • Internal Description - optional


Creating Discount Packages

3. Select Add Discount Package from drop down list in the Discount Packages section.


4. Fill in the following information for discount packages and then select Save Changes.

  • Discount Package Name
  • Total Uses Allowed
  • Uses Allowed per Transaction
  • Package Description
  • Date of First use
  • Expiration Date
  • Click Add and select a discount rule to add to the package.  Repeat this step for each discount rule.


5. In the Discount Packages section, highlight the discount package and then select Manage Discount Codes.


6. Select Add Code.  Type in the discount code and expiration date.  You can also restrict the codes so that customer can't use multiple codes from the same package on the same transaction. If restrict is false, then multiple codes from the same discount package can be used on the same transaction. The usage column specifies how many total times the discount code can be used. Use 0 for unlimited. You may add more than one code to a discount package to track different promotions.  Discount codes can be associated with barcodes on physical coupons or codes that the cashier will type in manually.  After adding codes, click the x in the top right corner of the Manage Discount Codes box.


Click here to read about how to apply discount codes.


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