Creating/Editing Modifiers

A modifier is a word or phrase that changes the product in some way.  A modifier can add an ingredient to the product such as add fries, be a substitution or upgrade such as alfredo sauce instead of marinara sauce that normally comes with the spaghetti, or an adjustment to the product such as no onions.  Modifiers can be any note or item that you want to associate with the product.  Modifiers can have a price associated with them such as $1.50 extra for add fries.

1. To create a modifier, select Add Modifier in the Modifier section on the Product tab and in the Register Management Activity. Select Edit Modifier to edit an existing modifier.  The process of adding and editing modifiers is the same. 


2.  Elements of a modifier:

  • Modifier Name
  • Modifier Type - Select Single or Multi.  Multi allows for multiple selections.
  • Require User Selection - use this to force the guest to select the modifier
  • Add - Select Add, type the modifier value, which is the name that will appear on the register when the modifier window appears, and price adjustment if the modifier should add to the product price. Repeat this process for each modifier value.
  • Product - this product column in the grid is related to inventory tracking. If the modifier is related to a product and it needs to be reduced from inventory, then assign a product. Otherwise just leave it blank. For example, if you sell a cheeseburger and the modifier is to "add extra patty", if that extra patty should be reduced from inventory, then tie this modifier to the patty product so that it reduces when sold as a modifier. The quantity will be the quantity of extra patties reducing from inventory when added. and the add/remove column will be if the modifier is being added or removed from the item. so if you add patty, select "add", and if it's remove patty, then select "remove."


3. To assign the modifier(s) to a product so that the modifier selections show up when the product is being sold, you'll do this from the Products grid in Register Management. Go back to the Products grid, find the product you want to assign the modifier to, then from the grid dropdown there is an option to "Assign Modifiers."



Using Modifiers

The modifiers have been created and assigned to the product.  The next few screenshots will show how to use modifiers.  Products with modifiers will have an icon in the top right corner. 

1. Click the Product button. The green icon with 3 lines in the top right corner of products indicates that the product has a modifier assigned to it. 


2. Click the desired modifiers.  


3. The product will display in the shopping cart with the modifiers with associated price additions below it.



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