Adding/Editing Employees

1. To add an employee, select the HR Management activity.  Then select Add Employee.


2. Fill in the First Name, Last Name, User email and click Save. You can enter information in the other blanks in the form if desired. Besides the contact information, the rest of the information can be entered after adding the employee. 


3. Search for the employee by filtering by the Employee Name.


4. Highlight the employee and select Edit Employee, or double click the employee name. Changes will automatically save when you make them.


5. Contact Information - You can upload a photo, take a photo with the webcam, change the barcode, check or uncheck active or deleted, and edit the contact information. 


6. Account Information

  • Select a work location and department.
  • Require clock in on Restricted IP Range - Check this box if you want to restrict the employee to only be able to clock in on certain computers.
  • Allow Employee to Clock in without a shift - Check this box if you want to allow the employee to clock in without a shift scheduled in Aluvii.
  • Access Pin - If an employee is denied access to certain functions like refunds or discounts based on their job title, this access pin can be used by another employee who does have the access to override the permissions and allows the function.


 7. Set Password - This is where the password is set for the web version of Aluvii.  The password will be emailed to the employee and then they will have the option to change it. You can also have the employee type in the password if the employee is with you.


8. Job Titles - Click Add Job Title and select the job title from the drop down list. More than one job title can be added.


After the job title is added, it will show in the table.


Click here to read about Login Activities.


9. Employee History - This shows changes made to the employee's information.


10. Time Card - The employee's punches can be viewed and edited here. To add clock in and out times, select Add Punch.


11. Select the Punch time, punch type, reason for the modification and Add Punch.  You can also view the Punch History here.


12. Payroll - You can set the employee's payroll type and pay rate here.  The pay rate history is saved on the table displayed here.


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