Adding/Editing Entrance Entitlements

Entitlements are essentially privileges or benefits of a membership or ticket.  An entrance entitlement is a membership or ticket benefit that can be consumed for validation and tracking use. Some examples might be admission, tube rental, parking, attraction use, etc.  

1. In the Membership Packages activity, select the Entrance Entitlements tab along the top.  Then select Add Entrance Entitlement from the dropdown options.


2. Fill in the information on the Add Entrance Entitlement form and then click Next.

  • Entitlement Name
  • Location (choose the default)
  • Department (choose the default)
  • Site (choose the default)
  • Max Uses (defines how many total times this entitlement can be scanned or consumed)
  • External Description
  • Internal Description - not required

3.  Entitlement Rules - Select the days when the entitlement is valid.  Some entrance entitlements are only valid at specific times and days of the week.  The Entitlement Rules allow you to set specific valid time periods.

4. After double clicking on a date, this form will open.  The information filled in below shows an entrance entitlement that is valid all day on weekdays.

5. After selecting valid days, the calendar displays when the entrance entitlement is valid.  You can remove days by clicking the x in the blue bar on the specific date.  You may want to do this when you want to exclude holidays. Click Submit.

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