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Aluvii has an integration with the Embed card system allowing you to interact with game card data from your existing Embed installation. This article explains how to sell arcade game cards through the integration using Aluvii.  In order to sell arcade game cards through the integration, you must first setup the integration

To access the game card screen from a register, open any register and click the game card icon in the category header. This screen allows you to add value, modify values, lookup balances, and transfer balances.

Note: there are three types of values stored on these cards--Cash value, bonus value, and tickets. Cash value is the amount of cash actually paid. Bonus value is additional value added as a bonus. Ticket value is the amount of tickets/points that have been earned by playing the game that can be used for redemption prizes. 




Add Value

Adding value to a game card allows you to quickly add cash value to a new or existing game card. To add value to a card, take the following steps:

1. Enter the card number into the "card number" field by swiping the magestripe on the back of the card. The field must be 19 digits. 

2. If there is already value on the card, that value will show the cash and bonus values.

3. Enter the amount of cash value you want to add to the card into the "add value" field, then click Add To Cart. 

4. The product will be added to the cart. Proceed to payment as normal. Once paid for and the transaction is completed, the value will be updated in the Embed database to be read by Embed card reader devices.

Notice that the amount of cash value being added to the card is the same as the money actually being tendered for the transaction. There is an alternate method to selling game cards where the value added to the card can be different than the amount actually being tendered. 



Modify Cards

If there is an existing game card, you can click the "modify cards" tab to modify the card. Note that no values or modifications will actually be made until the "modify" button is clicked. 

1. Enter the card number by swiping the magstripe. This will display the starting values to the right. You can modify any of the values by entering a new value into the fields below. 

2. To clear a card, click the icon labeled in the image below as number A. 

3. To combine values from multiple cards onto one card, click the "add new card(s)" link at the bottom (you can add multiple new cards), enter in the card numbers for each different card, and then click the icon labeled in the image below as number B. Note that the card number next to the icon that was clicked will be the card number holding all the combined values.

4.  A card can be locked/unlocked by clicking the icon labeled in the image as number C. 



Balance Lookup

To simply look up the balances on an existing card, click the "balance lookup" tab and enter the card number by swiping the magstripe. All current values will be displayed. 



Balance Transfer

Using Aluvii you can transfer any existing value from one card onto another existing card.To do this, take the following steps: 

Note: both cards must already be active in the Embed database. 

1. Enter the card number from the card you want to transfer the balance from into the "original card" field.

2. Then enter the card number of the card you want the value to transfer to into the "new card" field. You'll notice the current value from each card is displayed. 

3. Enter the value of the "amount to transfer" that is less than or equal to the current balance of the original card. Do the same for the bonus value field. You can see what the balance on each card will be after the transfer is made at the bottom of the screen. 

4. Clicking the "transfer balance" button will complete the transfer. 



Card History

Using Aluvii you can look up card history by entering the card number into the Card Number field and clicking Search. Each transaction performed on the card will show up in the list. You can expand the row to see more detail. 



Pending Cards

A pending card is a card that has been added to the shopping cart but not yet paid for and loaded. To complete the checkout process, find the card in the list and click Complete.





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