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In Aluvii, there are locations, departments, and sites.  The highest level is locations.  Some businesses will have just one location and some will have several.  A location can have multiple departments and departments can have multiple sites.  This is best illustrated by an example.  

Seven Peaks has two waterparks and 1 fun center.

Locations - Salt Lake City and Provo and Lehi

Departments -

         Salt Lake City - Food, Administration, Admission, Tubes, Parking, etc.

         Provo - Food, Administration, Admission, Tubes, Parking, etc.

         Lehi - Food, Administration, Admission, Arcades, etc.

Sites - Sites are a physical area within the department.  At the Waterpark in Provo, there are four food stands so there are four sites or groupings of registers. Summit Grill, Canyon River BBQ, Peaks Pizza, Dippin Dots


Adding Locations

1. Select the Locations sub-tab under the Locations primary tab in the Administration module. Select Add Location from the drop-down menu.


2. The form shown below will appear.  Fill in the required fields as indicated by the green font and click Save.  The time zones are in UTC or Coordinated Universal Time Zone.  If you aren't sure what UTC time zone, your location is in, you can google it.  The UTC time zone for Utah is -07:00. The time zone is important for reports and transaction times.



Editing Locations

To edit a location, click on the location you want to edit and then select Edit Location.  Edit the information and click Save.Location_3.png

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