Datacard SD260 - USB Card Printer Setup

Model: Card Printer – DATACARD – SD260 - USB

The following instructions will allow you to connect the device to the Aluvii Gateway.

Pre-Connection Steps:

Step 1

Download the drivers for the Datacard SD260Click Here 

Step 2

Run the XPS Card Printer drivers.  Click OK to unzip files:

Step 3

Wait for Self-Extractor to Unzip.

Step 4

Following application will open.

Step 5

Click Install a USB Printer.

Step 6

Accept the license agreement.

Step 7

Wait for program to prepare the computer and when prompted plug in the USB cable. 

 Step 8

Wait for the program to install the device driver.

Connection Steps

Step 1

Aluvii assumes that the orientation for card printers is Landscape.  You can set the orientation following these instructions.

Open the control panel and click "View devices and printers"

Ensure there is a printer with a name similar to XPS Card Printer. This is your installed Datacard printer. If you do not see your printer here, you will have to reinstall the printer drivers for your Datacard Printer.

Right click on the printer and click Printing Preferences.

You will see this pop up window. Ensure the orientation is landscape and hit the apply button in the bottom  right corner.

Verification Steps

Step 1

Open the control panel and click “View devices and printers”

Step 2

Right click on the printer and click Printer Properties.

Step 3

The following Pop up will appear. Click on Print Test Page to send a test print job to the card printer.


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