Release 2.0.5

Release #:  2.0.5

Release Date:  4/18/2018

This code release includes many new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about this release. Note that you may have to assign employees the associated login activities for new modules released for them to be visible in the left-side menu bar.

What's New?

  • New Events & Bookings Features
    • Packages: Bookings now support party packages that includes a package description, custom price rules, included products, and package image. 
    • Tickets: Bookings now support ticketed events. Depending on the guest count, tickets can be generated to redeem at the event. This works well for groups. 
    • Multiple Payments & Deposits: A deposit can now be taken for a booking as a partial invoice payment. Also, multiple payments can be accepted against the booking, even after the booking is made in full and then the booking is modified. 
    • invoices: Downloading or emailing the booking invoice is now supported. 
    • Availability View: This view includes a list of all available time slots listed among existing bookings to see what is booked and what is still available by date. 
  • Fixed Scan Memberships
    • When setting up membership packages, there is a new length type called "Fixed Scans." This allows a membership to be sold with a set number of uses/scans rather than a time period for expiration. This is ideal for multi-visit memberships.
  • Pay Plans with Cardknox
    • Pay Plans and recurring billing is now supported with the CardKnox payment processor.
  • Reports
    • New reports have been added to the Reporting Module. 


  • Events & Booking Enhancements
    • Schedules: Setting up a schedule is easier and can be reused across many assignments to reduce the setup time.  
    • Price Rules: These have been separated out into a standalone table to use for assignments and packages. These can be reused and allow for less setup time. 
    • Categories: These are now located in their own table and allow for easier editing and modification.
    • Refunding Bookings: Refunds can now be done directly from the booking under the payments tab rather than through the employee register. 
  • Membership Enhancements
    • Membership packages can now have a valid time range for when the membership is valid. Works great for half-day memberships.
    • Membership packages can now have valid days of the week. Works great for weekend-only memberships.
    • Membership entitlements can now be set to allow for multiple valid scans per day rather than just one. 
  • Guest Account Enhancements
    • Log transaction detail in account history
    • Log refund detail in account history
    • Log membership scan detail in account history
  • Gift Cards
    • Gift cards can now be edited from Gift Card Management
  • Guest Barcodes
    • Barcode numbers can be set as an RFID/NFC with up to 50 characters and alphanumeric. 

All reported bugs have been fixed 



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