Release 2.1

Release #:  2.1

Release Date:  6/18/2018

This code release includes many new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about this release. Note that you may have to assign employees the associated login activities for new modules released for them to be visible in the left-side menu bar.


What's New?

  • Timed Sessions & Capacity Management
    • This feature allows you to create and sell time slots on a schedule and limit capacity by session or by site. It is currently compatible both on the Employee Registers and Ecommerce. Sessions are ideal for booking timed activities that have limited capacity like jump times, laser tag, tours, zip line, etc. Using the new Work Flows and Will Call enhancements you can check guests in and assign waivers. Read more below about Work Flows and Will Call enhancements. 
  • Work Flows
    • Work Flows are created and assigned to products and other areas in Aluvii to allow for custom configurations and user flow. For example, for sessions you can setup required waivers, allow named guests, capacity override on registers and ecommerce, and other custom configurations. Work Flows are a new Login Activity (menu item) in Aluvii and will need to be assigned to employees in HR Management.
  • Stored Value
    • Inside guest accounts is a new tab where guests can load values onto their account to use as a form of tender. The value on the account can also be disbursed among guests on the account to only be used by their individual guest barcodes. 
  • Time Clock
    •  This module allows employees to clock in and out and track their time worked. You can also manage time cards, track overtime rules weekly and daily, and view payroll reports. 
  • Intercard Integration
    • This Intercard integration will allow you to sell and modify game cards into the Intercard debit card system, a third-party software for arcade games and attractions. It also includes splitting cards, balance transfer, balance lookup, and view card history. 



  • Events & Booking Enhancements
    • Calendar View: In the Booking activity, there are 5 new calendar views for daily, work week, weekly, monthly, and timeline view. 
    • Optional Event Portal Layouts: For steps 1 and 2 of the online event portal, we've added three new layouts to more easily fit the specific needs of your business. 
    • Site Collision Calendar: Each site now has a unique calendar to prevent double bookings. If a site is already booked for a given timeframe, other assignments also pointing to that site will show already in use. 
    • Require Full Payment: There is a new toggle configuration on the assignment setup to require guests to pay the full payment upon checkout. 
    • Require Deposit Only: There is a new toggle configuration on the assignment setup to require guests to only pay the deposit. Historically, Aluvii has allowed guests to also pay full amount OR deposit. This configuration will remove the "Pay Full Amount" option. 
    • Add Package Name to Booking Grid: On the Bookings grid, a new column is added for package name. 
  • Will Call Enhancements
    • In the Will Call module, there is a new tab for sessions. When someone has booked a session, this area in Will Call will allow employees to check guests into their session as well as assign waivers to guests in the session.
  • Manage Memberships Navigation Improvements
    • When viewing a guest account, Aluvii has had additional tabs along the top of the account for barcodes, pay plans, expired memberships, renewals, etc. To accommodate more tabs and still maintain usability and visual appeal, we've moved the tabs to the left side of the account. Everything still works the same.  
  • Payment processing enhancements
    • Using the Cardknox payment gateway, now each location in Aluvii can route payments to the correct location's bank account to keep deposits and accounting by location separated properly. 
  • Ticket Template Placeholders
    • A few new placeholder values have been added to ticket templates. This includes transaction date/time, session start time, and session end time. 


All reported bugs have been fixed.




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