Release 2.2.1

Release #:  2.2.1

Release Date:  10/1/2018

This code release includes many new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about this release. Note that you may have to assign employees the associated login activities for new modules released for them to be visible in the left-side menu bar.


What's New?

  • Power BI Analytics 
    • Upgrade the way you see your data using our new Microsoft Power BI integration. Comes with a free mobile app to check your sales on the go. Contact Aluvii to get more details on setup and pricing.
  • Advanced Access Control Integration
    • Integrate with a variety of access gates, turnstiles, and devices using our new Alvarado integration. 
  • Zebra Printer Integration
    • Aluvii is integrated with Zebra brand ticket and label printers. If you are interested in integrating your existing zebra printers or buying new, contact Aluvii to get information about compatibility and pricing. 
  • Multiple Tax Rates per product
    • Certain jurisdictions require multiple tax rates per product. This is now possible when assigning tax rates.
  • Tips Cash Out
    • Easily cash out tips for employees at the end of the day and report proper cash outflow.



  • Modifiers on Booking Upsells
    • Product upsells and customizations in the booking module now supports modifiers. Also compatible on the event portal.
  • Hide Upsells on Event Portal
    • With a simple checkbox, hide upsell products and prevent them from being added by customers through the online booking portal.
  • Print Order Receipt from Kitchen Register
    • On the kitchen display screen showing food orders, you can now print receipts.
  • Embed Polling Client
    • A new application that installs on your Embed server and pulls raw data from Embed into Aluvii. The main benefit is to pull Embed kiosk data into Aluvii for consolidated game card reporting. 


All reported bugs have been fixed.




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