EPL Zebra Printer Ticket Template Set up

How to Setup a Zebra Printer ticket template with the EPL Code

EPL Documentation: (See page 41) https://www.servopack.de/support/zebra/EPL2_Manual.pdf

Use this for the default text for the Template Code:

A100,150,0,3,1,1,N,"[[Ticket Value]]"
A50,175,0,2,1,1,N,"[[Transaction Time]]"
A50,200,0,2,1,1,N,"[[Transaction ID]]"
A50,225,0,4,1,1,N,"[[Ticket Notes]]"
A50,275,0,4,2,2,N,"[[Ticket Name]]"
A50,600,0,5,2,2,N,"[[Transaction Date]]"



Example Row:


A50- this number refers to the horizontal start position(x) in dots. With A50 the horizontal placement of the word “Aluvii” would be hugging the left border of the ticket. The higher the number for example A200 would be almost center. A350 would be hugging the right border.

600 – this number refers to the vertical start position(Y). The higher the number the lower it will appear on the ticket.

0 – This is for rotation of text from left to right.(See documentation for more information.)

5 – This is the type of Font. 1-5 refers to the size. These 5 are fixed pre set sizes.

2 – This number will stretch the number horizontally, making it wider.

2 – This will stretch the number vertically making the text taller and bigger.

N- This just stands for N. R is another option which would be to Reverse the image or text.

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