TSP Star Micronics Receipt Printer/Cash Drawer

Star Printer and Cash Drawer Setup

  1. Go to Control Panel and check which device were working with
  2. Go to: http://www.starmicronics.com/support/default.aspx?printerCode=futurePRNT
    1. Change the Product type TSP100 futurePRNT
    2. Then download futurePRNT V7 4 Full               
  3. Go into the .zip file windows->installer-> 64bit-> Extract all.
    1. After extracting, follow the same path and run the program instead.
  4. Click next-> Select Typical-> and then Install. Then finish
  5. Go to the start menu and search for the Star Config Tool and open.
    1. Select Star line mode
    2. Go to OPOS
    3. Add New, leave all of those settings the same and then click apply changes
    4. Select the device (in this case Star TSP100…) and then check the health. You should get a successful notification
  6. Add a new object just like you did above, but do it under the OPOS cash drawer section. And rename it cash drawer, if you don’t do that you will create lots of issues.
  7. Apply changes
  8. Select the device Cash Drawer and then check the health. You should get a successful notification.
  9. The final page layout should look like this:
  10. Go to their Aluvii homepage and delete all extensions up to .com and notice the version they are using.
    1. Anything above 3.0.0 is newer
      1. (If this is below 3.0.0 we will need to use the new Aluvii Gateway 6.0)


  1. Go to the clients Aluvii page.
    1. Go to hardware management
    2. Gateways
    3. And install hardware prereqs (if Aluvii is old)
    4. And install gateway (if Aluvii is old)
  2. For Pre-Requisites just install and repair when necessary.
  3. Gateway is a little bit more difficult
    1. Go to running services in the task manager and stop the Aluvii service. Once it is stopped continue.
    2. Open the aluvii config tool you just downloaded.
    3. The gateway name. they should have it already named on their Aluvii page under hardware management. But if they don’t: Name it gateway 1 (this can be changed later)
    4. The customer id is what their client name is in the Url.
    5. The access token is always "blather".
    6. Close the window and start the Aluvii process again in task manager
  4. Go to the browser based Aluvii and go back to the hardware management page and click update all client names. The gateway you just made should show here.
  5. Click on the gateway you just created and test the products
    1. Confirm with the client that both worked.
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