Release 2.3

Release #:  2.3

Release Date:  3/5/2019

This code release includes many new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about this release. Note that you may have to assign the associated login activities to the employees for new modules released to be visible in the left-side menu bar.


What's New?

  • Restaurant Tabs
    • We now have the ability to create a tab for customers who want to store their card on the transaction and pay their accumulated balance at the end of their visit. Designed for bars.
  • Tokenized Tipping
    • Once a transaction is complete with credit card payment, update the transaction later by adding a tip. Perfect for quick-service restaurants and cafes. 
  • Custom Fields on Waivers
    • Customize your waivers by adding custom fields. This allows text fields, dropdown fields, and boolean. Mark the fields required, and determine if the field is per guest or per waiver. 
  • Permission-Based Security (Including Manager Override)
    • Manage system access to login activities, registers, and permissions using employee job titles. This allows for quicker employee setup and bulk changes. Includes restricted access to refunds, discounts, modifications, etc. If access is denied, enter a valid PIN number to proceed.
  • Guest List & Check In for Bookings
    • This feature allows party hosts to create and manage guest lists and lookup waivers very easily to speed up the party check-in process.  
  • Real-Time Capacity on Access Control
    • Keep track of your guest count in real time by tracking when guests leave in addition to when they enter. 
  • Chart of Accounts
    • Build and maintain your chart of account in one place in Administration. Use these throughout the software as dropdown fields to select. 



  • Hardware Connectivity Improvements
    • We've significantly improved the connectivity of the Aluvii gateway service to be more reliable, faster, and more resilient. This update will require a new installation of the Aluvii Gateway. Contact Aluvii for assistance.
  • Will Call Updates
    • The session area in Will Call now has a date range filter to see many days at once. Also, click the transaction ID link to see all transaction detail and reprint receipts.
    • in the Tickets area of Will Call you can quickly print wristbands and other secondary ticket formats on demand using the action dropdown.
  • Set Display Order of Ecommerce Products
    • Determine the order in which products display on the ecommerce store by dragging and dropping the products into the desired order.
  • Search Transaction by Last 4 of Credit Card
    • Search credit card transactions quicker by searching the last 4 digits of the credit card from the return screen.
  • Total Average Uses For Membership Packages
    • Set the total average uses on a membership package to assist in properly recognizing revenue over the life of the membership.
  • Ticket Group Updates
    • There are new fields included for ticket groups to better track usage and reporting. New fields include Vendor Name, Price per Ticket, and Assign Product.
  • Search Fields Added to Large Grids
    • Quickly search products, employees, signed waivers, etc much quicker with search fields on grids with many records.
  • Display Customer Age on Session Modal
    • When selling a session and looking up waivers, you can now see the guest age and birthday associated with the waiver.



  • In Event Management, there was an "Order Form" screen to create custom fields for bookings. This screen has been moved to the Administration module under the Configuration tab. Custom fields is now a global settings used for custom field on bookings, waivers, rentals, and more to come. 


All reported bugs have been fixed.




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