Release 2.4

Release #:  2.4

Release Date:  5/23/2019

This code release includes many new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about this release. Note that you may have to assign the associated login activities to the employees for new modules released to be visible in the left-side menu bar.


What's New?

  • Styling Upgrades
    • We are always trying to improve the look and feel of Aluvii to improve the user experience. This release includes significant styling upgrades to throughout the application.
  • Ecommerce Upsells
    • When selling products through the eCommerce web store, you can now add upsell products to to the checkout process. Aluvii will prompt the user to add similar items to the cart.
  • Membership Upgrades
    • Once a customer has purchased a membership package, they can "upgrade" to a different membership for an upgrade fee. This is available on employee and guest portal.
  • Zip Code Capture
    • If you've ever wanted to know where your customers are coming from, you now can by capturing zip code on all transactions everywhere including registers and ecommerce.
  • Print Ticket on Auto Consume
    • Previously the auto-consume ticket feature didn't allow the user to also print a ticket. This is now supported with additional configurations to the product.



  • Employee Register Enhancements
    • Unified Payment Screen: The payment screen now has all payments embedded and includes guest name, receipt selection, and now zip code capture for a much faster checkout experience.
    • styling upgrades: Much of the interface improvements through the application were done on the employee register to help employees more easily and quickly process transactions.
    • Consolidated buttons: All functional buttons on the register are consolidated to the bottom that make them easier to find and use.
    • Button Speed: We've improved the speed and performance of the register to improve load times and button clicks.
    • Click here to see more articles and screenshots of the employee register interface updates.
  • Speed up ticket grid
    • As you've been selling more and more tickets, the ticketing grids required a speed improvement to load quicker. This has been optimized for quicker load times to get your data faster.


All reported bugs have been fixed.



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