Embed Integration

Embedcard is a software company that utilizes card reading technology to activate arcade games and manage redemption.  Aluvii is integrated with Embed to make the transactions seamless.

Configure Embed Integration

1. Log in to your Aluvii portal, and navigate to Integrations in the left menu.


From here, all of the possible integration systems will show up.


2. In the Embed tab, click on Configure.


3. Fill out all the fields. You should receive all of this information from your Embed account.

  • Target API URL: the URL to be used for integration
  • Key: API key received from your Embed account
  • Secret: secret key received from your Embed account
  • Default Thumb Print: the title of the integration
  • Default Cashier Password: the password given to the cashier to use on the account

4. Click on Check Connection. If all of the fields were entered correctly, a green notification will come up next to the button saying Connected.


5. If your connection is valid, click on Save.

Reporting on Embed Arcade Sales in Aluvii

Embed arcade cards sold through the Aluvii employee portal and the Embed kiosk can be reported on in Aluvii.  Embed arcade cards sold through regular Embed point of sale stations are currently not reported on in Aluvii - the assumption is that arcade cards sold by a person are sold through Aluvii. 

Embed Arcade Cards Sold through Aluvii

Embed arcade cards sold through Aluvii are already accounted for in the reports with no additional configuration needed because the sales are recorded in the Aluvii database and then passed through to Embed.

Embed Arcade Cards Sold through an Embed Kiosk

Embed arcade cards sold through an Embed Kiosk requires additional configuration to be included in reports.  Sales of arcade cards sold through an Embed kiosk are recorded in Embed's database and that data must be copied to Aluvii's database bay installing an Aluvii application on the Embed server that copies the revenues made via Embed kiosks to Aluvii.  Once that is installed, the revenues from Embed Kiosk also report in Aluvii reports.  

Install the Aluvii Reporting Application on Embed Server

If you are interested in this functionality, please email support@aluvii.com for pricing and coordination.  The steps are as follows:

  1. An Embed support agent will provide Aluvii with the appropriate permissions to the Embed database.  Typically, this process is started via an email generated by the customer to Embed's support support@embed.zendesk.com with Aluvii's support support@aluvii.com copied on the email containing a message similar to this: "I have asked Aluvii to install their reporting app on the Embed server.  They need permissions to the database to do that.  Can you assist them with that?"  Aluvii support can then handle the coordination from there. 
  2. Aluvii needs to install its remote support agent to the Embed server.  To do that, someone at the location with access to the Embed server needs to be on that Embed server and launch a support chat with Aluvii support.  You will be instructed to navigate to alvuii.com/remote and type in a code to provide initial access for the Aluvii support agent to install the remote support agent.
  3. Aluvii will handle the installation of the Aluvii reporting application from here and notify the customer when the process is complete.

Resetting Embed User Password Periodically

It is important to note that Aluvii utilizes the default cashier for its integration.  Every 90 days, Embed requires that the Default Cashier Password be reset.  When the password expires the integration won't work, so you either want to proactively reset the default cashier password once every 90 days. This section of the article explains how to reset the default cashier password in both Embed and Aluvii.

  1. First, launch your Embed Software and log in to the app using your credentials provided by Embed.login.jpg
  2. Then, select User & Security tab, under User find the user and set a new password for that user. When the integration is set up, Embed usually creates an "Aluvii" user in Embed. user.jpg
  3. Once the password has been updated in Embed, go to Aluvii employee portal to the Integrations module and click on the Embed icon.Changing_Default_Cashier_Password_in_Embed_System-3.png
  4. You'll see the field to change the Default Cashier Password. Set that field with the newly created password and click Save. Changing_Default_Cashier_Password_in_Embed_System-4.png


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