Configure Rental Packages

Multiple rental equipment assets are often bundled together into a package for logical reasons or in order to provide discounts. This article explains how to configure rental packages.

1. Log in to your Aluvii employee portal, and launch the Rental Management activity.


2. Click on Rental Packages tab to see all of your current rental packages, including start and end dates, and the rental durations.


3. Click on Select Option dropdown, followed by Add Package.




4. Fill in all the fields.

  • External Package Name: the name of the package
  • External Description: the description of the package
  • Internal Package Name: the name of the package for your accounting purposes
  • Accounting Code: select the accounting code for the package
  • Rental Category: select the rental category for the package
  • Rental Logo: the logo of the rental
  • Start Date of Sale: the beginning date of the package
  • End Date of Sale: the end date of the package
  • Earliest Pick Up Time: the earliest time that the guest can pick up the package
  • Latest Return Time: the latest time that the guest can drop off the package
  • Rental Duration Unit: select the unit to measure the duration of the package
  • Rental Duration Max: the maximum amount of time of the package as determined by the unit
  • Late Fee Type: the type of late fee you wish to charge
  • Late Fee: the amount or percentage of the late fee
  • Add New Price: add new prices as needed. This can be as many different fees based on duration as you want

5. Click on Asset Types tab.


6. Select the asset types from the drop-down menu. You can select multiple asset types. To learn how to set asset types, visit our article here.

7. Click on Sales Tax.


8. For any locations that this package is in, click on Tax Option Name and select the tax option that applies.

9. Click on Save.

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