Manage Account from Member Portal

Through the Aluvii guest portal, customers can make changes to their account to reflect additional members, as well as making address changes and checking receipts. This will eliminate the need to come in to the facility or call in to make changes.

1. Log in to the Aluvii guest portal for your location by going to the URL [[clientDomain]] The password can be recovered by using the forgot password link.


You will be logged into your guest portal. and be greeted with the dashboard page.


2. Click on the guest portal icon in the upper-right corner, and select My Account.


3. You can now review and make changes as needed.

4. As shown above, Account Information is the account's overall information. You can use this section to make changes to the account's email, phone number, and physical address, and other info.

5. Click on Manage Memberships.


6. To add a new member, click on New Member button.


7. Fill in the member's information, and click on Save New Member.

8. To edit any members on the account, use the drop-down menu to select a member as shown above. From here, you can edit any member's information, as well as add pictures for the digital passes.

9. Click on Transactions and Receipts.


10. Click on any receipt to review what purchases were made, and how much was spent. You can also print and email receipts from here.

11. Click on Change Password.


12. To change your password, type in your old password into the Password field. Under New Password, type in the new desired password, and confirm it in the Confirm Password field.

13. If all the password parameters are met, click on Update Password.


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