Email Configuration

In this article, we will discuss how to successfully set up the email service provider (ESP) for sending transactional emails through Aluvii.

1. Launch the Administration activity.


2. Click on Email tab, followed by Email Configuration sub tab.  Click on Select Option dropdown, followed by Add Email Configuration.


3. Fill in the information in Email Configuration.


  • Configuration Name: name of the configuration (required)
  • Configuration Description: description of the configuration (required)

4. Click on Next and fill in the information in the SMTP Settings.


  • SMTP Server: SMTP server address (required)
  • SMTP Server's User Name: user name for the SMTP server (required)
  • SMTP Server's Password: SMTP user name password (required)
  • Confirm Password: re-enter password (required)
  • SMTP Server's Port: port number from server (required)
  • SMTP Server Default Port: default server port number (required)
  • SSL Enabled: check if your email is SSL enabled
  • SMTP Default Credentials: check if the credentials are default

5. Click on Next and fill in the information in Sender Configuration.


  • Sender's Email: email of the sender (required)
  • Sender's Name: name of the sender (required)
  • Recipient's Email ID: email of the recipient
  • Email text: text of the email

6. Click on Send Email to test the configuration of the settings.

7. Click on Next and fill in the information in the Email API Configuration section.


  • API Base URL: the url of the API you wish to integrate
  • API Domain: the domain of the API
  • API Key: the key to the API from the system you wish to inyegrate with
  • API PostBack URL: the postback URL

8. Click on Submit.


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