Email Configuration Type

This article will discuss how to successfully set up your different email types.

1. Launch the Administration activity.


2. Click on Email tab, followed by Email Configuration sub tab.  Click on Select Option dropdown, followed by Add Email Configuration Type.


3. Fill out the configuration and click next.


  • Email Configuration Type: the type of configuration you would like to set (required)
  • Source Website: where this email will be utilized (required)
  • Email Configuration: the email configuration for this type (required). To learn how to set up an email configuration, visit our article here.
  • Communication Method: how the communication will be shared (required)
  • Default Recipient's Email: the default email for the recipient (required)
  • Default Recipient's Name: the default name for the recipient (required)
  • CC Address: the address for the CC email (required)
  • BCC Address: the address for the BCC email (required)

5. Fill out the configuration in the Email Template tab.


  • Template Name: the name of the template
  • Template Subject: the title that will appear in the subject line
  • Template Message Content: the content of the message
  • The Insert HTML function can be used to automatically enter fields that will adapt to pre-assigned names and usages

7. Click on Submit.

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