Using Will Call for Sessions

For guests that have chosen to pick up their tickets at a later stage, you can use this function to keep track of the ticketing.

1. Log in to your Aluvii portal. Click on Will Call in the left hand menu.


2. Click on Sessions.


3. From here, search for your session using the name or transaction ID. Alternatively, you can also use the Start and End Date range to find your session.

4. Click on the arrow next to the session to bring up the details.


5. If the transaction is greyed out, it has already been used. You can click on the Transaction ID to review the transaction details. This is also what the receipt email for the transaction will look like.


6. Click on the Waiver box.


7. If the session requires a waiver from your guest, you can attach their waiver to the session. You can search for their waiver, and double-click to attach it to the session. Once the waiver has been added, the box will show a green checkmark.

8. To check the guest into the session, click on the Checked In box. Guests that have already been checked in will show a green checkmark.

9. Click on the arrow next to Action.


10. Select the function you wish to perform.

  • Print Secondary Template: print out the ticket in the secondary template assigned. This is useful if your facility uses wristbands or passes.
  • Print Item: print the ticket in the original format
  • Consume Item: mark the ticket as used. This cannot be reversed
  • Email Ticket: email the ticket to the guest. This looks the same as the transaction ID on Step 5.

11. To see a timeline of the sessions for any given day, click on Timeline.


12. Click on Search.


13. Fill out the fields to complete the search.

  • Site: the site where the session is taking place
  • Schedule: the type of schedule that is being utilized
  • Session Product: the product for the session

14. Click on Search. The full schedule for the search parameters will show up.

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