Creating a New Rental Order

This article describes how to create a new rental order.  

1. Log in to your Aluvii employee portal, and launch the Rental Orders activity.


2. Ensure that the Orders tab is active to display a list of the existing rental orders and their statuses.


3. Click on Add Order.



4. Fill in all the fields under Order Details.

  • Workflow: select the workflow settings
  • Location: select the location of the rental
  • Rental Pickup Date: the date of the rental
  • Select whether the guest has an existing account, or needs a new one. If they have an existing account, all of the information will automatically fill. If there are any additional guests on the account, they will show up and be able to be added after the order is saved.
  • The skier type seen in this example is not automatically in the rental details. This is determined by the workflow for your particular organization.

5. Click on Save, followed by Select Packages.


6. Select the package for the rental.


7. Select all the guests that will be assigned the items, then fill out the rental duration and return dates, followed by Add.

8. Click on Assign Assets.


9. Enter or scan the barcode of the equipment that is being used.

10. Click on Checkout.


11. Click on Pay Balance.


12. Select the amount paid, followed by Pay.


13. Process the payment with the relevant information.

14. Click on Payments.


This will show the payment information.

15. When the customer returns their equipment, search for the transaction as seen in Step 2, and click on View, followed by Returns.


16. Select the assets to return, followed by the Return Date/Time. This will automatically fill to the current time.

17. Click on Return Assets to complete the return.

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