Custom Reports, Advanced Analytics, and Self-Service Reporting

In addition to the standard suite of reports that are available, Aluvii also offers custom reports, advanced analytics, and self-service reporting options.  This article will provide an overview of those options.

Custom Reports

Aluvii Authored

Aluvii utilizes Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to author and view reports found in the reporting activity.  Using this time-tested and industry standard reporting solution, reports can be authored without the need to involve software developers nor wait for the next software release.   

Aluvii's team of report writers can author reports to your specifications for $100/hour.  Most reports can be authored and deployed for under $250.  

If you are interested in a custom report, you can send an Excel spreadsheet, hand drawing, or other sample of your desired report to, and we can provide you a quote.

Self Authored

If you would like to author your own reports in SSRS, Aluvii can provide you with a backup copy of your database and a query to get you started that you can use to build your report for $100.  Questions and answers about the database schema can be answered at $100/hour with a minimum $25 per batch of questions.  

When your report is ready to go, Aluvii can publish the report to the reporting activity, so that you can pull the report on demand like you would any other report in the reporting activity. Each publish is $25.

Microsoft Power BI

Aluvii Hosted

Aluvii is integrated with Microsoft Power BI.  Access your most important metrics in the palm of your hand with the Power BI mobile application and slice and dice data from your browser.  The integration comes with pre-built visuals showing the most popular key performance indicators with eight data refreshes per day for $200/month.  Additional visuals can be authored for $100/hour.  Aluvii's experienced Power BI developers can typically generate a whole suite of custom visuals for under $500.  

Self Hosted

If you would like to author your own reports in Microsoft Power BI, we setup a VM and configure a Power BI gateway connected to your Power BI tenant to populate your data model with Aluvii data.  The cost is $100/month.  Additional data points are billed at $100/hour.

Notes about Database Schema Changes and New Releases

As Aluvii releases new software updates, database schema changes may occur which require the report to be updated.  These adjustments are made at the same $100/hour.  Aluvii can handle the quality assurance testing on custom reports for you for $250/release; however, we recommend that you perform your own custom report testing with each release.  Typically, you will just need to test your custom report against a standard report's numbers to ensure the report has not been effected.  

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