Sell and Manage Game Cards with Embed Arcade Integration

Embed software is one of Aluvii's game card integrations and allows you to sell and manage game cards directly in Aluvii. 

To Sell/Add Value to a Game Card:

1) Find a game card product (Identified by a green game card icon) or hit the "Game Card" Icon on the bottom of the employee register. 

The difference is that products are set with a fixed card value, while the game card icon allows to add custom values at time of sale.

Game Card Product:

Game Card Icon:



2) Once you have selected a Game Card, swipe the 19-digit barcode on the "Card Number" field. Note that the 8-digit barcode number on the back will not work when creating new cards, but it will work if you're adding more value to existing cards that are already registered in Embed.


  • If the card has a balance already on it it will show that value as "Cash Value" or "bonus value" when you enter the bar code.

3) Enter the amount to load onto the card into the "Add Value" Field. This step only applies to the Game Card Icon. You cannot change the amount if the game card is sold using a product.

4) Click Add to Cart and you will see the arcade card has been added to your cart.

5) Proceed to payment and check out as usual. When the transaction completes, Aluvii will send the card data to Embed where the card will be loaded with the assigned value in Embed. Now that the card is loaded, the games can be played using the card.

Editing and other features with Game Cards:

Hit the Game card Icon on the bottom of the employee register screen, and find which function you are looking for




  • Modify Cards: Allows you to modify the values on a card. You can also clear cards, combine cards, or lock cards from here. mceclip5.png
  • Balance lookup: Lets you see the cards value, bonus value and tickets on the game card.mceclip6.png
  • Balance Transfer: Lets you move value from one card to another. both cards 19 digit codes are required. mceclip7.png
  • Card History: Lets you see all changes made to a game card. mceclip8.png
  • Pending Cards: Shows game card transactions that have not been completed, to complete a transaction hit the complete button.mceclip9.png














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