Tipping using Credit AuthOnly

Using the Credit AuthOnly feature allows you to take tips from a signed receipt after the cardholder and card have left your business. To set this up, follow the steps in this article.

1) Turn on the AuthOnly Tender option in each register this would apply to. 

  • Go to register management module. 
  • Double click the register where you want to add this payment option.
  • check the box for "Show AuthOnly Tender".

2) Once you have enabled it, go to the employee register where you enabled this and run a test transaction to see a new payment type labeled Credit-AuthOnly. It will function as normal credit but it will allow you to add a tip after the transaction. Its not recommended to use this if you are not taking a tip.

Note: taking payment with AuthOnly, the credit card payment is not final and you will not receive funds for the payment until you have finalized the payment later as described below.

3) After you take payment, you can print the receipt and the customer can write a tip on the receipt.

4) Once you have printed the receipt the transaction and payment has not finalized and will not finalize until you finalize the transaction. Go to the Saved Transactions menu at the top right of Aluvii to find the transaction.

5) By default this menu will only show transactions that were completed by the user that is currently logged in. To view all saved transactions by all employees, hit the Show All options on the respective tabs for "Saved" and "Add Tip."



6) To add tips to the authorized payment, go to the Add Tip tab and find the transaction you just completed, or if you are coming back later, look at the transaction ID on the receipt you were given back from the customer and search it in the search bar. 

7) Hit the add tip button to bring up the tip entry amount and employee selector.



  • Make sure to select the correct employee that will be receiving the tip and the tip amount. Once properly filled, hit Submit. This does not complete the transaction yet.
    • You can add tips for multiple employees at this step.

8) You can print the receipt for the customer to write the tip on using the Print button. You can also reprint the receipt using the same button after adding the tip. 



9) Hit the Finalize All button on the bottom of the Add Tip tab to complete the transaction(s).


  • Finalize All: will complete all Authorized transactions even if you have not completed the tips on them.
  • Finalize Items with Tip Only: will only complete transactions with assigned tips. 
  • Finalizing will only finalize the transactions/payments for the user unless you have clicked to "show all". If you are showing all transactions, then finalize will complete for all users. 

Keeping this in mind, it may be best to complete all tip outs before finalizing the transactions.

10) After you have finalized the transaction, you will see the employee's tip in the Cash Control module in the Cash Out Tips tab. And you can cash out the tips there.

When using AuthOnly, the payment is only authorized for the payment amount and not yet final. When you add the tip, it will adjust the original payment amount to reflect the tip being added. when you finalize the payment will be final and will be batched out in the next batch with the processor. 



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