Capacity Report

This report provides attendance count for timed attendance items (sessions and events) by site for a selected interval of time.  Useful for knowing how many individuals are scheduled or were scheduled to be in the facility during a time interval.


Report Interval (in Minutes): the time interval groupings to report attendance count.  As an example, if you have 120 minute sessions, and you have 1 attendee of that session, if you select 30 minute intervals, that same attendee will show in four 30 minute interval groupings

Start Date: start date at 00:00:00 of attendance in range

Site Name: site name

End Date: end date at 23:59:59.999 of attendance in range

Report Interval (In Minutes) - interval of the capacity in minutes.


Site Name:  name of site where the attendance is assigned.  Click on square to drill down to see time intervals.

Time: start time of interval.  Click on square to drill down to see Order Id, Guest Name, Total Count, Product Name, Scheduled Start, and Scheduled End for the session.

Total: total scheduled attendees = Events + Sessions Checked In + Sessions Not Checked In

Events: total scheduled attendees from events

Sessions Checked In: total scheduled attendees from sessions who are checked in via Will Call activity 

Sessions Not Checked In: total scheduled attendees from sessions who are not checked in via Will Call activity 

Drill Down Detail:

  • OrderId: orderId of the attendee
  • Guest Name: guest name of the attendee
  • Total: total count from attendee
  • Product Name: product name of the attendee count
  • Scheduled Start: scheduled start of the event/session
  • Scheduled End: scheduled end of the event/session
  • Is Checked In: indicates whether that attendee is checked in via Will Call activity


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