Zapier Parameters

When setting up Zapier, the following will help. This can be fairly technical, if you have questions, reach out to Aluvii support team at


Getting Started:

The Zapier integration is currently in Beta. They require a certain amount of activity to get out of beta, so for now it's in beta. To see the app in the zapier list, you'll have to be "invited" by Aluvii. Reach out to Aluvii for an invitation link. 

When you are setting up a Zap, it will require you to authenticate. You'll need these values to authenticate:

  • The API Key:  (get from Aluvii)
  • Client: tenant name for the client (i.e.; xyzcorp)
  • Server:

For the API key, go to the employee portal and select Integrations module, click on Zapier. Click the button to Generate New Key and then Save.


Zap Parameters:

  • Start Date – Beginning of date range when guest was added or updated
  • End Date – End of date range of when guest was added or updated
  • Page Number and Page size – if there is a large amount of data, how to retrieve it in batches. 
    • For example, Page number 1 Page Size 100 – return the first 100 guests that match the rest of the parameters
    • Page size of 0 to include all data at once
  • SortColumnAndDirection – how to sort the results
    • Example: LastName DESC, FirstName ASC
  • IncludeAllDates – Ignore the Start and End dates and include all guests
    •  Set to 1 for all dates, 0 to use the specified date range
  • IncludeNewOnly – only include only new guests or modified guests
    • 0 to include both new and modified, 1 to include new only
  • IncludeOwnerOnly Whether to include just the account owner or all guests
    • 1-for OwnerOnly, 2-non-owner only, 3-both
  • TimeZone to convert CreatedOn/UpdatedOn to local time
    • e.g. -05:00 MUST BE 6 CHARACTERS, to convert CreatedOn/UpdatedOn to local time
  • ByInterval - Number of minutes past to look (e.g. new purchases within last 60 minute, new guests within the last hour)
    • Precedence @IncludeAllDates=1, then @ByInterval, then @StartDate/@EndDate
  • ShortVersion – special version for SharkWakePark
    • 1 – short version, 0-regular version

By default, Includes owner only for new or modified guests within the last 60 minutes.

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